My side of the office….I won’t show you hubby’s just yet 😉 I have always loved browsing through the gorgeous offices found on Pinterest. To be completely honest, opening a drawer on a beautiful custom desk, and having everything neat, is heaven to me. So when we decided to tackle our mini office renovation, you can bet I was excited! It was finally time to put all those office organizational pins I had saved on my Pinterest board to use! Otherwise, all too quickly, no matter how good our intentions, these fabulous drawers turn into multiple junk drawers! So if your office drawers could use some help….keep reading! I have some tips to share 🙂 First and foremost, it’s time to ‘KonMari’ the crap out of your office drawers. WAIT….I know what you are thinking! So before your click the “X” and move onto to the next blog….hear me out…

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