Maybe you’ve seen those yummy looking cheese bread balls rolling around Pinterest? You know, those amazing gluten-free balls that have the thin crust, with a gooey, cheesy inside from Brazil? Yup….those. Ever been wanting to make them at home? Because if you have, then keep reading! With just 3 ingredients, this recipe is extremely simple and easy:) How I discovered these tasty snacks Before traveling to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for my very first time back in 2009; I did what most of us do. I headed to Google and looked up what I needed to make sure to see, do and eat. Anyone else? Amongst the normal, was to eat pão-de-queijo, Brazilian cheese bread. Oh. My. Goodness. Google nailed it. These cheesy bread bites are amazing. I would walk around Copacabana near my hostel, and on many a corner, were these little “fast food” places. Except replace the burgers…

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