German puff pancake

My mama shared this recipe with me years ago. Although, it sat in my cookbook for quite some time. She would often make it for family get-togethers or weekend breakfasts. Every time I would remember how good it was and make a mental note to make it at home 😉 Then life would happen and I’d fall back into my go-to routines. That was until a few weekends ago. This all changed when my kids informed me that their daddy was a better cook than me haha! They went on to list all the amazing things he made; such as this incredible sous vide steak recipe that they say is the “best thing ever. ” To handy-hubby’s defense, he tried to remind them of the yummy things mommy makes. But he could only list a few such as my Brazilian beans, Brazilian cheese bread or my homemade granola recipe ;)…

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